TERROR AT THE TIME movie posters available!

I finally got a handful of the Terror at the Time posters I did for the Time Theater in Oshkosh, Wisconsin earlier this year. The Time's '80s horror triple feature showed An American Werewolf in London, The Blob, and Motel Hell, plus a number of short films. This poster is a limited edition of only 50 hand-numbered and signed screenprints on heavy stock, and there are only a few left! Head over to the Art Prints Shop to snap one up for only $15 plus shipping!

Order both of my sketchbooks and get a FREE pinup sketch!
Here's a great deal with a little something extra! Right now, if you buy both my Live Nude Art! and Curvilinear sketchbooks, I'll knock off 5 bucks AND include a FREE original pinup sketch! Normally $15 each, this deal is only $25 AND includes the free sketch. Quantities are limited, so hustle on over to the Book Shop and order yours today!

PRICES SLASHED on Art Prints, T-shirts, and Pins!
I'm clearing out inventory and retiring ALL currently-available prints, pins, and t-shirts! Art Prints are now only $5 (reduced from $15), Pins are now available in a 10-pack for $5 (down from a buck apiece), and T-Shirts are only $5 for the Kaijuniors and $10 for the extremely limited Java's Bachelor Pad/Exotic World 2007 t-shirt. Stock on EVERYTHING is very low, so act now because when they're gone, they're gone for good!

I got a gallery on The Pin-Up Files!
The Pin-Up Files, a really fantastic website that I've been visiting for years (and has been included in my Links page since day one), has honored me with my very own gallery on their site! I'm proud to have my work featured on this site alongside Elvgren, Willis, Runci, Moran, Olivia, Bawidamann, and loads more classic and contemporary pin-up artists. Many thanks to Andre and The Pin-Up Files, and check out my new gallery here!

Eat Me! tattoo flash FINALLY available

Wow--it's literally been 11 months since I've updated the News page here! I've made a few adjustments to the site, and I plan on updating a LOT of the art, tattoos, and cartoons. But for now, I've finally gotten my Eat Me! Tattoo Flash up for sale in the Shop! Sorry for the long wait, but I'm telling ya, 90% of the customers who walk into our tattoo shop notice this set of flash on the wall and comment on it. If you have fun clients with a sense of humor, they're for sure gonna want BBQ ribs on their ribs, an order of churros on their arm, or a ham on their ass.

Original art now on Etsy!

Krushervision is now on Etsy! I've just opened an Etsy page to sell some of my original art! Some of the girls from the 2008 Knockout! show need new homes, as well as some other pieces. And they're priced to move! Act now to snag an original with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.!

New Shipping Prices
Hi folks -- I've been really pleased to see a consistent rise in mail orders. Thank you all so much for wanting to hang my art in your home, or flip through my sketchbooks and wear my pins and t-shirts!

Unfortunately, I've realized that I can no longer offer free shipping on Krushervision Shop merch. I wish I could, but I've finally come to the realization that I need to implement some shipping costs. But don't worry! They're not bad -- it's just 7 bucks for your first item, and $2 for every item after that, up to 5 items. After that, it's a flat 15 bucks! Sorry, but I need a little help at the post office. Thanks for your understanding!

(Don't forget, you always get some free Krushervision stickers, coasters, or other goodies thrown in with your order too!)

New Print: Pauline
In between all my other projects, I somehow managed to squeeze out an image that I've had in mind for years. It combines two of my loves -- pinup girls and old videogames -- into one image titled Pauline. Those of you who were around in 1982 will get it! Buy it now in the Shop!

Just a note -- the image size is listed at 11"x14", although the actual image takes up less space than that. Compositionally, Pauline is intended to be matted or framed with a 11"x14" opening or slightly larger. (You may always feel free to cut my 13"x19" prints down for framing if necessary!)

Krushervision in Car Kulture Deluxe #53!
The new issue of Car Kulture Deluxe magazine (issue #53, August 2012) includes a 3-page spread on me and my art, as well as a centerfold poster of an exclusive new illustration! Get your copy on newsstands everywhere now! Thanks so much to Anna Marco and CKD for this kickass honor!

Also, there are three new prints of pinup/hot rod art in the Shop NOW, including Rear View!

Update: Features, Commission, Links
Got some updates for ya! First, I've added a new Feature, and it's Process: Naked Girls Rock - Destroyer. I documented the creation of the KISS tribute I did for Naked Girls Reading's annual rock-themed event, and in the process, revealed how deep my KISS nerd-dom goes.

(Speaking of Naked Girls Reading, they are now offering new t-shirts and stickers featuring some of the illustrations I've done for them, so make sure you visit their site and order some!)

I also expanded the Commission page to explain a little more about how it works when you hire my services, and I added a bunch more of the commissioned work I did just in the last year for you to check out!

Finally, I've redone the Links a bit (if you're an artist, tattooist, publication, burlesque performer, pinup model, or have any other sort of creative, retro, or geek-based business, and you'd like to trade links, just contact me!) and added a couple items to the Bio.

Next up, I have lots of work to add to the Tattoos gallery, so look for those soon!

Happy New Year! Here's a surprise!
Wow, I've been so busy with commissions lately that I haven't been able to update Krushervision.com with much news! Thanks to everyone who I've worked with this year! Here's hoping 2012 brings even more art and opportunity for all of us. I have lots of features planned for Krushervision.com, so please keep visiting me here!

As a special treat, I've finally added my cartoons from Bachelor Pad Magazine to the Cartoon Archive on the Web Cartoons page! They go all the way back to 2007, excluding the cartoon from the latest issue (you'll just have to buy a copy to see that!). Hope you enjoy!

Everybody have a happy and safe New Year's celebration. See you soon!

New shop items!
All right, I've now got the Curvilinear signed editions in the SHOP, as well as two new prints of Naked Girls Reading poster art! The Naked Ghouls Reading image from 2010 and this year's Naked Girls Rock (the infamous KISS tribute) are now available for purchase online.

But get this: We have a VERY limited number of both NGR prints that are hand-signed by Michelle L'amour herself! I'm talking like a handful of each, and it's first come first serve, so get 'em while the gettin's good!

CURVILINEAR: New sketchbook out NOW!
I've just finished putting together my second collection of pinup sketches, and the new book, entitled Curvilinear, is available to order NOW! There will be three ways to get it:

Order online now at Lulu.com

Order signed copies right here at Krushervision

Buy it directly from me at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas, June 2-5, 2011

This new 64-page volume collects sketches done between spring of '09 (when my first book, Live Nude Art! was released) and, like, last week. It includes preliminary doodles for lots of my published (and unpublished!) cartoons, some of the Naked Girls Reading projects I've done, and of course paintings and drawings. Same format as the first book: 6"x9", perfect-bound, b/w pages with color cover. So pick one up already!

Event News, Cartoon Schedule
Good news! I'm proud to tell you that Striped Corset sold at the Dirty Show! Thanks to the Dirty Show for choosing to include my art for the fourth time, and thanks to the new owner of the painting. Take good care of her!

Happy second birthday wishes to Chicago's Naked Girls Reading gang! I get to do lots of fun stuff for Michelle L'amour and her crew! I was asked to create the cake topper for NGR's second birthday party on March 4. It came out pretty cool, and the girls all signed it, too! I also did the "Naughty Gras" poster for the event. They happen to be using my work for the April NGR event poster, with a sci-fi theme, and I have something very kickass in the works for the poster for their May event, Naked Girls Rock. I may even document its creation. It's gonna DESTROY my previous work for them...

Here on the website, things are evolving much in the way I predicted: I'm so busy doing tattoos and art that I don't have much time to run my website about tattoos and art. So far, the Blog is the most actively updated part of the site. As I feared, the biweekly Web Cartoon schedule has already gone down the drain, and I'm just going to have to put up new comics when I have the time to get them done. Speaking of which, there's a new one up right now! I'm also going to be adding older Bachelor Pad Magazine gags to the Cartoon Archive.

It's tough running the Krushervision empire single-handedly, but I thank you for your support!


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