As a child of the '70s and '80s in Appleton, Wisconsin, I grew up on a steady diet of comics, cartoons, monster movies, videogames, and rock 'n' roll. I was immersed in the work of comic book artists like Jack Kirby, John Romita, and John Buscema (and, as I got older, Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz), as well as animators like Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, and John Kricfalusi. In first and second grade I used to get in trouble in class for drawing pictures of Superman and Frankenstein and KISS instead of paying attention. This was my beginning.

From grade school through high school, I took all the art classes I could and spent my free time drawing and printing my own comics and fanzines.

After spending a couple years in the University system as an art major and jumping through their hoops for a generalized Associate's Degree, I attended a technical college and got another AD in Printing and Publishing. I then spent six years as a graphic designer for a local alternative newspaper. During this time, I also spent weekends doing photography and graphic and web design for a local professional wrestling promotion.

Frustrated with a total lack of creative and artistic stimulation in my job, I was offered an opportunity to learn to tattoo, and I made a career change. I spent four years figuring things out at a tattoo shop in Menasha, Wisconsin. Tattooing was a whole new skill set, with a lot of fascinating history, that I really enjoyed learning and doing.

Picking up art where I left off in college (tattooing totally got me fired up about drawing again after six years of mouse-clicking), I continued to find my style. Somewhere in there, I struck upon a combination of two of my favorite things -- cartoons and pin-up girl art -- and started exploring that. In December 2005, I took part in a group art exhibit in Madison, and the positive reaction to my work convinced me that I could still enjoy being an artist.

Over the years I continued to do my own thing and made my way into more exhibits. I launched, started designing t-shirts and merchandise with my art on them, and began making connections with artists around the world. In August of 2007, I nervously made the jump to a fantastic new tattoo shop in Oshkosh, where I felt I could continue to learn and grow and do good work in a busy, positive environment. Right around that same time, I was preparing new paintings for my first solo exhibit of pinup cartoon art, Knockout!, which happened in January of 2008, and began drawing classic-style one-panel gag cartoons for Bachelor Pad Magazine.

In January 2009, I officially formed Krushervision Art Industries, LLC. I published a sketchbook under the Krushervision Books imprint, began producing art prints of my work, and started taking commissions for art and illustration projects. The Krushervision empire continues to evolve, incorporating tattoos, fine art, cartoons, prints, and merch. I'm always looking for more opportunities: publishing, exhibits, commissions, events, guest tattoo spots.

Oshkosh Tattoo & Good Girl Piercing
149 High Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901
Call 920-230-6611 to make an appointment


Hell's Belles 8th Annual Pinewood Derby and Art Auction
941 Geary Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Nov 2013

A Night of Ancient and Deathless Rapture (private event)
Everleigh Social Club, Chicago, IL
Nov 2012

Hell's Belles 7th Annual Pinewood Derby and Art Auction
941 Geary Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Sept 2012

Hell's Belles 6th Annual Pinewood Derby and Art Auction
941 Geary Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Sept 2011

Dirty Show 12
Bert's Warehouse Theater, Detroit, MI
Feb 2011

Project P
Cha Cha Salon, Madison, WI
Dec 2010

Hell's Belles 5th Annual Pinewood Derby and Art Auction
941 Geary Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Sept 2010

Dirty Show 11
Bert's Warehouse Theater, Detroit, MI
Feb 2010

Remedy White Art Exhibit (prints)
Gallery 301, De Pere, WI
Jan 2009

Dirty Show 9
Bert's Warehouse Theater, Detroit, MI
Feb 2008

Knockout! (solo show)
Wild Apple Gallery, Menasha, WI
Jan-Feb 2008

Ooh La La! Burlesque Inspired Art
View to the Top, Nottingham, England
March 2007

Dirty Show 8
Bert's Warehouse Theater, Detroit, MI
Feb 2007

Boneless: By Sk8rs 4 Sk8rs
Firecracker Studios, Madison, WI
Dec 2005

Car Kulture Deluxe
Issue 53, August 2012
5-page spread w/editorial, inc. centerfold art

Bachelor Pad Magazine
Issues 1-present
Cartoons (1p, b/w)

Curvilinear: Pinup sketches by TJ Rappel Vol. 2
Krushervision Books
Sketchbook, 6"x9", 64p, b/w-cc, perfect-bound
May 2011

Live Nude Art! Pinup sketches by TJ Rappel
Krushervision Books
Sketchbook, 6"x9", 64p, b/w-cc, perfect-bound
May 2009

Clever Girl Cabaret
"Burlesque Leia" mascot

New Orleans Burlesque Festival
"Logo Girl" used on website, program, on-site projections, and videos

Naked Girls Reading
Original event posters and key art used by NGR chapters worldwide

Michelle L'amour's LipShtick!
"Delilah" (I) used on event banners, posters and ads

Boston Burlesque Expo 2010
"Tailfeather Trapeze" used on event program
and promotional materials

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